Brussels and Antwerp parking

“Brussels and Antwerp are to restrict where users of shared electric scooters can park their vehicles, with a focus on some of the busiest parts of the cities. The vehicles, provided by companies including Lime, Troty and Dott, have become a familiar sight, but users frequently leave them in places that block pavements and create a hazard for pedestrians, particularly those with limited vision and mobility.
Following consultation with the 19 municipalities, the Brussels-Capital Region has drawn up a map of “red zones” in which they want to see parking prohibited. It includes the whole of the Unesco-protected area of the city centre around the Grote Markt as well as parts of Wetstraat and Josaphat park.
The region will now work with Brussels Mobility to study the options for banning parking in these areas. If a vehicle is left for more than 24 hours in a banned zone, the providers will face a fine, starting at €200 and rising to €2,000. They also face losing their licence to operate in the capital”