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Non-assistance to a child with autism

Air (Plane)

We have a flight on KLM October 2022, this is the first time we will use this airliner. We tried to get assistance with informing the airliner that we have a child that had a Traumatic Brain Injury and is also diagnosed with ADHD – Asperger syndrome (Autism).

We would need to arrange him to board the aircraft first/last as he can struggle with mobility but also wanted to arrange his food and seat, due to muscle tremors (Brain Injury) and noise sensitivity.

We wanted to have seats that would have good leg space so he would be comfortable. We also wanted to inform him due to the Autism he is smell/noise/touch sensitive. I had to send a complaint letter to them as we could not get anyone to assist us, there customer service department phoned us. But the employee of KLM insisted I send medical records to them first as proof that my son has disabilities.

Then they would see what they can do. I have send them the proof after I clearly said to the employee of KLM that this was unacceptable and discrimination against a child with disabilities. I sent them an email but I have had not any feedback from the airliner.

Due to this poor and unprofessional manner in how this has been dealt with, I do not expect KLM to assist it at all and would ask the airport authority to assist us from here on end. I am disgusted and appalled how people with disabilities are discriminated against by KLM, such a sad situation that could have been avoided completely. Making our first
time flying with KLM disastrous, stressful and disappointing. I truly hope that in future your superiors would put in place procedures that will allow you to handle situations like these with more professionalism.

Incident submitted by: Marilyn Carstens