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Forced me to move away from the emergency exit in a rude manner

Air (Plane)
On the plane from Brussels (Charlerois) to France (Beziers)

Plain from Charleroi to Beziers- flight FR8077 at 18:55.

I recently had ACL reconstruction surgery, and use crutches to move around. I reserved a seat with extra legroom, because I cannot stay seated with little legroom for a long time. This seat was at the emergency exit. A staff member came to me and told me I had to change seats, because somebody in “such condition” was “by law” not allowed to sit there.

They told me to sit down on another seat, but that didn’t have enough legroom for me. I refused.

They then put me at another place, again with limited legroom- even though I made it clear I couldn’t. So I sat with my leg in the isle- a danger to myself and others. But apparently that is safer than me blocking other people’s acces to the emergency exit.
This was annoying (and embarrassing) enough as it is, but one of the men doing it was incredibly rude. He told me that, and I quote, “if you aren’t in a state to fly, you shouldn’t”. I told him that was unacceptable to say, and he repeated himself. “We can’t know that you ‘have that’ when you book. If you are like that and aren’t able to fly, you shouldn’t.”

He said all of this in an incredibly rude fashion, and it really hurt my feelings. I was placed somewhere else for take off and landing, so I wouldn’t hinder “more able people” to exit the plain in case of emergency. Furthermore this was done in a degrading fashion.

The man who was rude to me was a Ryanair flight attendant on flight FR8077.