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Assistance denied for the company

Air (Plane)
Gatwick Airport

Booked on a Ryanair flight to London Gatwick to Dublin on Thursday ninth May and the flight left at 14.50 Ryanair were advised at the time of booking that I required assistance. At the departure gate myself and three other people also requiring assistance were put into a minibus by a female driver who was assisting us. she then drove the minibus as close as she could to the aeroplane.

She then left the minibus and it was some minutes before she returned. was taken back departure area for disabled passengers.
Told that we were being booked on the 21h flight Aer Lingus this time, to Dublin
As we were then delayed over six hours we were given 10 of vouchers to spend in Marks & Spencer and I was also given coffee and a piece of cake. I made enquiries about food for my guide dog and I was told they could not assist with that.